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My background of life and work experience includes environmental study, community action, and business development, beginning as a child working on my first local campaign and local charity fundraiser, and now spans two decades and four continents.

The purpose of all of my life’s work, is to find my ‘lebensblut’, or ikigai: my purpose. For me, it is to help people help each other to transition to a green economy and to embrace lifestyles of health and sustainability. Over time, startups and innovation have become my sweet spot.

In 2016, I launched a new startup, big deep digital, a boutique firm providing services to environmental and social enterprises and projects for social and ecological change.


I have worked on significant projects over the last 20 plus years as a photographer. Over the last several years I have been mesmerized and moved to my soul watching women transcend in their sessions. I am a visionary with intent to see the unparalleled view of a woman discovering her fear and transforming them into freedom, wisdom, and beauty.

“I pour my heart into every single session. I want this experience to be one of the best in my client’s life. From the first time we talk to every time they walk past their portrait, I want a warm and loving smile to great them. Photographs to me are like air… I can’t exist without it.

I am often asked ‘Why is it so important to have images in the home?’ My answer “Portraits has this ambiguity of who is reflected in the mirror: the seen and the unseen” as I work I invite the viewer to participate in the intimate triangle of the subject, photographer, and viewer”.